Villa Clara
Restaurant, Bar, Café et Hôtel de Charme
Beyrouth, Liban
tel: + 961 70995739
Villa Clara
Restaurant, Bar, Café et Hôtel de Charme
Beyrouth, Liban
tel: + 961 70995739
New York Times,  September 2013
“Call it Beyrouth: Beirut with a French Accent”
British Airways Inflight Magazine, Beirut hot spots November 2012
“Delightful, intimate, it’s a rare find in a town full of high-end hotels”britishairways.html
Air France Inflight Magazine, Beirut hot spots November 2013
“Villa Clara is a charming hotel in the heart of Beirut”airfrance.html
Wall Paper, London , October 2013
“The fleshly pleasures blowing hot in Lebanon”wallparer.html
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“Villa Clara : Hotel Of The Month”jazeerainflight.html
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“Cute and trendy French style boutique hotel”;jsessionid=CC2B41C48B237C16D4F22A61A9EE727D.rocco4?cid=25968001&rssId=&
Conde Nast Traveler, Travel Section, December 2013
“Transports guests back to an earlier time, Belle Époque, Villa Clara blurs the lines between an idyllic past and an equally rosy present”condenasttravel.html
The Good Life, Business and Lifestyle, France, Travel Section, August 2014
“Simple and elegant as it should be”thegoodlife.html
Elle Oriental, Dubai edition, Getaways section, July 2013
“Nested in the new hub cherished by designers, Villa Clara, a place out of time that touches your spirit the moment you enter”elledubai.html
Courrier International, France, September 2013
“Culture, Beirut will always be Paris”courrierinternational.html
Borsen,  Danemark, January 2014
“7 tip til Beirut, Villa Clara, Small and Beautiful”borsen.html
Bespoke,  London, November 2013
“In creating Villa Clara, they have not only brought a bit of old Beirut back to life, they’ve turned it into a taste of the times”Bespoke.html
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“Villa Clara a house of Charm in Beirut”
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Time Out Beirut Magazine, November 2012
“Villa Clara, the secret garden, they’ve captured the spirit of the home’s golden age”time_out.html
Noun Magazine, August 2014
“Beautiful and delightful at the same time”noun.html
Byzance Magazine,  July  2012
“Here prevails nostalgia as well as the romantic atmosphere of bygone days combined with modern comfort”byzance.html
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”Entering in Villa Clara, you discover a place full of life”lofficiel.html
Santé Beauté Magazine, June 2014
“Real lux has to be personalized, the experience must be unique and intimate”santemag.html
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“Olivier Gougeon, country side Christmas”ellebeirut.html
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“Villa Clara, Boutique Bounty Villa Clara”
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“The first charcuterie Made In Lebanon”OLJ2.html
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“Parisian Dining”
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“Delightfull Villa Clara”
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“A place for art lovers and romantic getaway”
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“Trip advisor 2015 Travelers’ choice award”commerce_trip.html
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“The Bohemian Luxury”
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Air France Mag
“Villa Clara, A unique hotel experience”
New york times
“a small hotels that require visitors to think about the city that surrounds them, Villa Clara is a treat“
“ The hotel’s French restaurant is reliably considered to be among Beirut’s best “
The weekly Standard, Washington DC
“Beirut is a city of excellent food, but Olivier has been the best chef in town since he first came here”
IDEAT decembre 2017
“Un club joyeusement cultive”IDEAT.html
Independent novembre 2017
“Phoenicia is not as hip as Villa Clara”
New York Post 2017
When it all gets to be too much, the delightful Villa Clara, Beirut’s best boutique hotel”